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Whale & Iceberg Tours

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Whales and Icebergs in the one shot? Not out of the ordinary for those taking boat tours on the Bonavista Peninsula. There are many species spotted in Trinity Bay and Bonavista Bay including: Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Minke Whales, Pothead Whales and Killer Whales (Orcas).  White-sided dolphins and Bluefin Tuna are frequently spotted during the Fall.  

These boat tours also provide a great experience at seeing the icebergs up close, you never realize how beautiful and majestic they are until you see them in boat. Late May and late June are the best times to see these icy creations.

Icebergs Cape Bonavista.jpg

Below are a list of Boat Tour Companies that are on the Bonavista Peninsula, click on each link to learn more:


Discovery Sea Adventures


Vessel Type: Fast Rescue Craft
Phone: 1-709-470-0322
Address: Roper Street, Bonavista NL
Located in the parking lot of the Matthew Legacy site

Bonavista Puffin & Whale Tours

Vessel Type: Larger vessel type with indoor and outdoor seating and a washroom on board
Phone: 1-709-468-8438
Address: 15 Roper Street, Bonavista NL
Located in the parking lot of the Matthew Legacy site.



Atlantic Adventures

Vessel Type: Trawller sailer
Phone: 1-709-464-2133
Address: 1 Dock Lane 

Trinity Eco Tours

Vessel Type: Zodiac
Phone: 1-709-464-3712
Address: 1 Stoneman’s Lane

Sea of Whales Adventure

Vessel Type: Zodiac
Phone: 1-709-464-2200
Address: 1 Ash’s Lane



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