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Geological Wonders

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This is a list of various amazing geological landmarks on our peninsula. For more details or suggested locations consider downloading the Discovery! Geological Tour App.

Route 230


Port Rexton

Skerwink Trail Sea Stacks

Located about 20 mins from our hotel, this landmark can be found shortly after entering the trail. Easy for those to find even if you do not want to hike the whole trail.



The Dungeon Provincial Park

 About 15 minutes from our hotel, visit this park to gaze upon sea arches molded from the salt water, as crashing waves go in and out of the openings. There is a picnic spot here and many horses and cows to be seen in this area as well.


Port Union


The Factory Building is just 5 mins from our hotel. In front of the building is a board walk with some steps leading down to the water. You can see imprints of fossils in the rocks here and during low tide walk out to see more embedded in rocks.

Route 235


Tickle Cove

The Sea Arch

About 50 minutes from our hotel, this part of the Bonavista Peninsula is mainly composed of slate. All the purple and pink colors are so much different the usual grey you normally see through out the rest of Newfoundland. The arch way is sort of hidden but can be accessed just off a small road near the community boat slipway.  There is a viewing platform there but for an even better view walk to the top of the cliff for some great photos!



The Devils Footprints

This geographical landmark is located about 45 minutes from our hotel and is lore inspired. The locals say that the large pockets aka footprints in the rocks are proof that the devil walks this land at night.  Keels is also a beautiful place to capture photos for those who love photography.

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