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Communities & Directions

Historic Port Union


Port Union is located approximately 1 hour from the Trans Canada Highway near Clarenville on Route 230. Drive 90.3 Km on Route 230 which runs right through our community. Our hotel is also located right on the main route. 

Highlights of the Area:

Sir William Coaker Foundation and Historic Site of Port Union - The only union built town in North America CLICK HERE to learn more.

Local Craft Shops, Icebergs when in season, Murphy's Cove to Lodges Pond walking trail  and Fossils!

The following communites are located 15 mins to either side of Port Union - click on any links below to learn more about the local sites.

Trinity/Trinity East, Port Rexton, New Bonaventure


The Trinity area is located approximately 25 Km from our hotel. To access Trinity travel south on Highway 230 and turn left onto Route 239. Trinity East and Port Rexton are 3 Km before reaching the Route 239 turn off. 

Highlights of this Area:

Historic Town of Trinity - Known as the "Pearl of Newfoundland Outports" a Must-See for all who visit the peninsula. CLICK HERE for more information.

New Bonaventure - Filming sites and locations for the Grand Seduction, Random Passage and Shipping News

Port Rexton- Port Rexton Brewery, Two Whales Coffee Shop, and Skerwink Hiking Trail 

Champney's West- Fox Island Hiking Trail and Champney's West Aquarium



Elliston is located 15 mins from our hotel. Drive north on Route 230 for 12 Km to reach the turn off for Route 238. After the turn off drive another 5 Km and you will have reached the community.

Highlights of this Area:

Home from the Sea Sealers Museum

Puffin Viewing Site

Elliston and Maberly are the Root Cellar Capital of the world - These hidden gems can be found all along the hillsides through out the community.

Sandy Beach - A great place to surf or bring the family for a swim. There is also a take out restaurant on site.

Maberly to Little Catalina Hike Trail

Bonavista/Spillars Cove


Bonavista is located 15 mins North of our hotel. On Route 230 drive for 18 km into the town and turn left at Station Road. At the end of this road take a right turn. You are now at the center of Bonavista called Church Street where there are many local stores, restaurants and views of the harbour and ocean. Stay on this road for about 1.5 Km will you see J.T Swyers Ltd. and a fork in the road. Keep to the right and continue on down Cape Shore Road which will lead you to Cape Bonavista for sites of Icebergs, Whale Watching and more. 


To access Spillars Cove after exploring the Cape take a ride down Dungeon Provincial Park road (signage is on Cape Shore Road). Dungeon Road is a groomed gravel road which leads to Route 235, take a left at the end and Spillars Cove is just a few minutes away. 

Highlights of this Area:

Historic Church Street - Many local businesses who hand make crafts and products right here at home and many restored colorful houses keeping the local heritage alive. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Cape Bonavista & Lighthouse - For some of the most spectacular Iceberg views in season and their Cape Shore Hiking Trail as well as Dungeon Provincial Park.

J.T. Ryans Premises - a step back in time to when the Cod Fishery was alive and well in rural Newfoundland.  Many artifacts and displays dating all the way back to 1869.  CLICK HERE for more info.

Route 235 Communities

kings cove.jpg

Bonavista Peninsula is a loop with Route 235 serving as the opposite side of the loop to 230. One can visit these communities either on the way to Bonavista or on the way back. There are many beautiful scenic communities on this loop and are worth making it part of your exploration here.


Red Cliff, Open Hall & Tickle Cove

Approximately 40 mins from our hotel.

To reach Open Hall go north on Route 230 for 2.9 Km and then take a left onto Route 237 for 11.4 Km. Take another left onto Route 235 for another 25 Km and finally turn right and Open Hall will be 3.5 Km down. Continue down this main road to reach the communities of Red Cliff and then Tickle Cove.

Highlights of this Area:

Tickle Cove Sea Arch, Paul Dolk Photography Studio, and Grand Seduction filming areas.

duntara (1).jpg

Kings Cove, Duntara 
& Keels

Approximately 30 mins from our hotel. To reach Kings Cove go north on Route 230 for 2.9 Km and then take a left onto Route 237 for 11.4 Km. Finally take another left onto Route 235 for another 15 Km. After passing through Kings Cove to reach Duntara take a right onto Top Road and another slight left within 300 meters. Keels will be located just 2.4 Km down the Main Road from Duntara.

Highlights of this Area:

Lighthouse Walking Trail in Kings Cove, Devils Foot Prints in Keels, and Two Rooms Contemporary Art Room in Duntara.


Upper Amherst Cove

Approximately 20 mins from our hotel. To reach Upper Amherst Cove Go north on Route 230 for 2.9 Km and then take a left onto Route 237 for another 11.4 Km. Turn right onto the Bonavista Bay Highway Route 237 and after 1.8 Km make a left. 

Highlights of this Area:

Bonavista Social Club

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